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Visit the zoo to play Peekaboo!

Look! Look! There’s a Panda peeping out at you! – Is he trying to play Peekaboo?
Peekaboo will take your toddler to various exhibits at a zoo to play peek-a-boo with the cute animals!

Peekaboo Peekaboo

Spot that Animal

Laugh and play as you tap each animal and see how it reacts!

Get ready…get set…and see how quickly you can react to each animal surprise! SPOT THAT ANIMAL is a fun and colorful game where animals pop out on your screen, and players have to tap on them before they disappear. Whenever the animals get caught, they make silly faces! Entertaining for kids ages 1-3, SPOT THAT […]

Spot that Animal Spot that Animal

Wombi Tower

Learn to build your own structure – but be careful not to knock it down!

See how high you can build your house without it falling over! Piece by piece, players take turns adding building sections to create a larger and larger tower. Don’t let the badger construction manager distract you with his nervousness as you place each shape on top of the last. Whoever places the piece that knocks the structure down loses! How high can you build?

Wombi Tower Wombi Tower

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