We keep three goals in mind when we develop new apps for kids:

  1. Apps should be fun!
    You do what you think is fun. That’s true for us (the fun factor is the reason why we develop apps), but it’s even more true for kids. Getting kids to use an app they think is boring is as hopeless as trying to get them to eat haggis.
  2. Apps should help you to learn something new!
    Learning is not boring. On the contrary, learning something new can be one of the most enjoyable activities. That’s the reason why we always try to include aspects of learning in our apps. These aspects can be both easy and challenging, giving our apps an educational dimension beyond the ordinary. Play to learn!
  3. Apps should be safe!
    Kids and their parents should feel safe when using our apps. That’s the reason why Wombi apps have:

    1. NO ADS: There are no banners, icons, or other forms of advertisements for other products in our apps.
    2. CHILD LOCKS: You can’t purchase anything by mistake when using our apps, therefore there will be no surprise charges.

And what about the people behind Wombi?

We are three childhood friends who founded the company in a small Stockholm apartment in January 2011. Less than two months later – after hard work during evenings, nights and weekends – we released our first app, “Wombi’s Picture Book of Animals“.

The reason why we develop apps (besides the fun factor!) is because we were born twenty years too early. We are jealous of the kids of today, getting the chance to play with high-definition touchscreens, while we had to entertain ourselves with activity books printed on the same paper as used for making coffee filters. Unfair!

Even though we didn’t get the chance to use apps as children, we do have the opportunity to produce them. We want to create the apps we never had. Fun and inspiring apps where you play by learning, and learn by playing!

© Wombi 2011