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Visit the zoo to play Peekaboo!

Look! Look! There’s a Panda peeping out at you! – Is he trying to play Peekaboo?
Peekaboo will take your toddler to various exhibits at a zoo to play peek-a-boo with the cute animals!

Peekaboo Peekaboo

Spot that Animal

Laugh and play as you tap each animal and see how it reacts!

Get ready…get set…and see how quickly you can react to each animal surprise! SPOT THAT ANIMAL is a fun and colorful game where animals pop out on your screen, and players have to tap on them before they disappear. Whenever the animals get caught, they make silly faces! Entertaining for kids ages 1-3, SPOT THAT […]

Spot that Animal Spot that Animal

Wombi Tower

Learn to build your own structure – but be careful not to knock it down!

See how high you can build your house without it falling over! Piece by piece, players take turns adding building sections to create a larger and larger tower. Don’t let the badger construction manager distract you with his nervousness as you place each shape on top of the last. Whoever places the piece that knocks the structure down loses! How high can you build?

Wombi Tower Wombi Tower

Hippo Shower Time

It isn’t easy cleaning a dirty hippo with a cold shower!

In “Hippo Shower Time!” you turn on various showerheads to spray water on a dirty hippo. The problem is sometimes those faucets malfunction and spray cold water!

Hippo Shower Time Hippo Shower Time

Wombi Math

A game for kids that makes math practice fun!

In Wombi Math you can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can design the practice for YOU by choosing the numbers you’d like to work with. Or mix ‘em all and learn everything!

Wombi Math Wombi Math

The Shape Monster

Head to the Shape Monster’s messy kitchen, and you’ll learn all about different shapes!

The Shape Monster is a demanding chef who is very specific about the shapes of his ingredients. Amongst the spice racks, stacked plates, and oozing stockpot, you’ll have to feed this hungry, food-slobbered monster. The key to keeping his belly satisfied is knowing your shapes!

The Shape Monster The Shape Monster

The Letter Monster

The Letter Monster will teach you the ABC!

Arrrgh! The Letter Monster is hungry at sea, and he needs you to feed him the right letters! He might not have the best manners, but when you feed this picky eater the right sea biscuits, he gets very happy!

The Letter Monster The Letter Monster

The Number Monster

A whole new way to learn numbers!

In her laboratory, the number scientist provides a fun way for kids to learn digits!

The Number Monster The Number Monster

Wombi Helicopter

Build your own helicopter for an exciting rescue adventure!

The citizens of your city have taken too many balloons and are floating into the sky! Can you build the perfect helicopter to go on a rescue mission?

Wombi Helicopter

Wombi Treasures

Come along on an adventure and search for lost treasures!

Treasure hunter Scouty needs your help! Hundreds of treasures are buried around the world just waiting to be discovered. Explore forgotten ruins, scorching deserts, and the deepest forests with Scouty to locate and dig up historical treasures.

Wombi Treasures Wombi Treasures

Wombi Airplane

Build your own plane and fly it!

Build your own plane and take off into a colorful adventure! Pick your favorite colors, designs, and shapes to assemble a custom airplane. Then fly it on an exciting mission!

Wombi Airplane Wombi Airplane

Wombi Ice Cream

Make your own ice cream!

The customers line up outside of your ice cream truck and you have to now make lots of ice cream! Will it be in cups, cones or bowls? And what flavors? And don’t forget all the toppings, sprinkles and delightful decorations!

Wombi Ice Cream Wombi Ice Cream

Wombi Detective

A crime has been committed - you have to solve it!

On a late and rainy night, detective Walter MacSneak’s phone suddenly rings… A robbery has taken place! You have to help Walter MacSneak solve it!

Wombi Detective Wombi Detective

Wombi Toys

Build and repair toys!

The toy workshop needs your help! It’s time to build, repair and test all the toys that have arrived at the workshop. Pick up your tools and start painting, screwing, gluing and polishing!

Wombi Toys Wombi Toys

Around the Clock

One game for every hour!

In Around the Clock, you play your way through a whole day where every hour has its own game! Make the alarm clock ring, make breakfast, pack your backpack, and complete all the other challenges that await during the day!

Around the Clock Around the Clock

Funny Figures

A social drawing game for kids - and adults!

FUNNY FIGURES is the classic drawing game for both kids and adults. Players take turns secretly drawing body parts, from tip to toe. The result is a funny and nutty figure that can turn out any which way!

Funny Figures

Touch & Listen

The optimal picture book app for young children!

Touch & Listen is the optimal picture book app for young children. The simple layout, fine photographs, and fun sounds make this an app which will provide hours of educational fun for young children.

Touch & Listen Touch & Listen

A Fact Every Day

A must for all curious children... and adults

Here is the app that will last a whole year! Every day you will get a new, exciting and fun fact presented in text, picture and sound. A must for all curious and inquisitive children… and adults!

A Fact Every Day A Fact Every Day

Games for Kids

An app for kids with 6 fun and imaginative games

An app designed especially for children. It includes a total of six entertaining and educational games, specially designed to stimulate children’s logical thinking, memory and language. Beautiful pictures, clear voice instructions and challenging games make this an app that will last for hours!

Games for Kids Games for Kids

Color Monster – Learn the colors

The color monster is your best friend when you want to learn the colors!

The monster is hungry and needs your help! But the monster is picky and will only eat fruit of a certain color. Now YOU must give the monster the right fruit! A colorful app which makes the learning fun and effective!

Color Monster – Learn the colors Color Monster – Learn the colors

The Pirate’s treasure – a memory game

Ahoy! A fun memory game with pirates!

Ahoy! After several years of searching in the Caribbean the pirates have finally found Captain Blackbeard’s hidden treasure-chest! But how are they going to divide the treasure? In a classic pirate duel of course – playing a game of memory!

The Pirate’s treasure – a memory game The Pirate’s treasure – a memory game

A Day at the Circus

Visit the Circus in an interactive storybook

A day at the circus is an unforgettable circus adventure for the iPad and iPhone, made for kids! The app includes a charming story as well as 20 different mini games. Prepare for a fun circus experience which will last for a long time!

A Day at the Circus A Day at the Circus

Picture Book of Cars

Buckle up and head for the roads

Picture Book of Cars is an entertaining and pedagogic app where children will learn the name of our most common vehicles. In text, sound and images twenty different cars and vehicles are presented.

Picture Book of Cars Picture Book of Cars

Jigsaw Puzzle with Monsters

Eight scary (but mostly charming) monster puzzles

Do you dare to solve a Jigsaw Puzzle with Monsters? Of course you do! In this entertaining and clever app you get the chance to solve eight scary (but mostly charming!) monster puzzles. It’s extremely easy to use the app – even the youngest kids can use the app on their own! Suits kids from 2 years old.

Jigsaw Puzzle with Monsters Jigsaw Puzzle with Monsters

Big Space Jigsaw Puzzle

Solve puzzles in outer space

The complete Space Jigsaw Puzzle adventure! In the Big Space Jigsaw Puzzle you get eight different jigsaw puzzles with motives of space. It’s fun and easy to use for children of all ages! Get it now, and take a trip to the outer space!

Big Space Jigsaw Puzzle Big Space Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars

Learn the names of our most common vehicles

Cars have never before been this fun and charming! In Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars you will solve clever jigsaw puzzles and learn the names of our most common vehicles. The app is super easy to use, it’s just to click-and-drag using your finger.

Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars

Robot Workshop

Welcome to the Robot Workshop

The robot’s parts are dispersed and now it’s your task to put the right piece – head, legs, body and arms – in the right place! The Robot Workshop is an innovative jigsaw puzzle where kids in a fun and clever way will practice their problem solving.

Robot Workshop Robot Workshop

The Princess and the Pea

Experience the classic tale in an entirely new way

In text, images, sound and animations you can now experience H.C. Andersen’s classic tale in an entirely new way! In many interactive moments YOU will participate in telling the story.

The Princess and the Pea The Princess and the Pea

Jigsaw Puzzle with Whales and Sharks

Meet the rulers of the ocean

Meet the rulers of the ocean! In Jigsaw Puzzle with whales and sharks you will practice your logic skills and learn the names of the world’s seas giants, from the enormous blue whale to the dangerous great white shark.

Jigsaw Puzzle with Whales and Sharks Jigsaw Puzzle with Whales and Sharks

Learn to Count with Wombi

A pedagogic and playful game of counting fish in the ocean

Learn to count with Wombi is a fun and inspirational way to introduce your children to numbers and counting. A pedagogic and playful game of counting fishes in the ocean gives the child a good opportunity to learn their first numbers, whilst having fun!

Learn to Count with Wombi Learn to Count with Wombi

Jigsaw Puzzle with Dinosaurs

Eight different dinosaurs puzzles at three difficulty levels

Jigsaw puzzle with dinosaurs is a fun and educational app for children of all ages. The app includes eight different dinosaurs puzzles at three difficulty levels.

Jigsaw Puzzle with Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle with Dinosaurs

Wombi’s Picture Book of Animals

30 animals presented in sound and images

More than 30 different animals are presented in sound and images. By clicking on the beautiful animal pictures your child will hear what the animal is called and how it sounds. It is easy, fun and educational!

Wombi’s Picture Book of Animals Wombi’s Picture Book of Animals
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