Picture Book of Cars

Buckle up and head for the roads

The roads are waiting! Picture Book of Cars is an entertaining and pedagogic app where children will learn the name of our most common vehicles. In text, sound and images twenty different cars and vehicles are presented. The app is easy to use, but harder to get bored of! For children aged 0-4 years.

Picture book of cars offers:


20 unique illustrations of different cars and vehicles, from police car to ice-cream van!
Four different scenery pictures such as “The city” and “The construction yard” where several vehicles are presented together. It’s a fun game to find all the vehicles!


Just click on a vehicle and you will hear how it sounds and what it’s called!
Even the youngest can use the app on their own.


The app comes with seven languages. When your child has learnt what the vehicles are called in English you can easily change language in order to learn what they are called in other languages. The option to improve your knowledge in other languages makes The Picture Book of Cars relevant and suitable for all ages!
Languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

Buckle up and head for the roads!

Picture Book of Cars Picture Book of Cars
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