Say hello to the Color Monster – our latest app!

November 11, 2011 by Daniel in the category Apps.

There is a monster in iTunes waiting for your help! Today we released our latest app, the COLOR MONSTER – LEARN THE COLORS.

In this app you have to feed a hungry monster. But the monster is picky and will only eat fruits of a certain colors. Animations, sound effects and speech make this our most advanced app so far.

And best of all – during the two first weeks we sell it for introduction price $0.99! Get it now and tell your friends! The color monster wants many new friends!

Working on this project has been really fun – we’ve worked with voice overs with fun filters (try the different languages to hear different monster voices!) and animations to make the monster come alive. We are very proud of the monster, and we hope you will think he is just as fun as we do! So what are you waiting for – get the app and help feed the hungry monster :)

  • Phil

    Very cool looking apps! Love the artwork.


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