Welcome to our new Website

October 6, 2011 by Markus in the category Web.

Say hello to the new Wombi!

Today is a big day for Wombi. Today we launch our new homepage and logo!

The “old” Wombi mascot has been a close friend for the last nine months. However, we weren’t completely satisfied. The former Wombi was too detailed, which made the icons a bit messy. We needed a change and when we came across a very gifted illustrator we grabbed the chance. And if we were going to change mascot, we also needed to change the logo. And if we changed the logo, we should also change the entire web page. That’s the reason to the total make over.

We are very proud and satisfied with the final result. But even more important – we really hope you also like our new Wombi and our upcoming apps!

Feel free to give us your opinion in the comments… What do you think about Wombi’s new look? Will he bring the bowtie back as a fashion statement?

PS. As you will notice, the “old” Wombi still appears in several apps. We are working on updates, but it will take some time before the make over is completed!

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